Cleanboss Mask Reviews

By | 03/12/2021
Cleanboss Mask Reviews

CleanBoss is a soft surface sanitizer, cleaner, odor-eliminating, and even removes common allergens. The creators of Cleanboss Mask have made it their mission to develop the perfect solution – Multi-Surface Disinfectant & Cleaner.

The company claims that its CleanBoss Multi-Surface Desinfectant & Cleaner comes botanically from the main herbal oil in the Thyme plant.

Thyme has been used since ancient times as a super efficient disinfectant.

Cleanboss Mask Reviews

CleanBoss is made in the United States with a patented formula featuring an industry-leading hyper-powerful quantity of Thymol, a thyme oil botanical derivative that is naturally found at Thyme.


CleanBoss Mask has a 3-layer exclusive system that uses the same technology that the space program employs. External and interior layers are filled with permanent Silver Ion Fiber technology to protect the mask’s integrity and CONTINUOUSLY KILL GERMS that lead to smells and flakes.

The central layer is a VirusGuardTM ProMax Mesh Filter, high-grade, end-to-end filter which is permanently sewn into the mask and never removed or replaced.


The product is free from toxic chemicals, caustic chemicals, harsh chemicals, abrasives, bleaches, chlorine, phosphates, ammonia, phthalates, formaldehyde, toxic chemicals of any type. CleanBoss has no toxic chemical ingredients.


CleanBoss is a very powerful, herbal thyme scent cleaner. It does not cause toxicity or harm or emit caustic smoke. This highly concentrated botanical herbal fragrance removes the smell that you purify. The new smell of clean is CleanBoss.

Customer Service

The chat function on your website or eMail lets you contact the customer support team.

The customers received reimbursement or exchange on eligible purchases during 30 days under their return policy.

Online Customer Reviews

On your website you can find evidence from Cleanboss Mask’s satisfied clients.

For instance, customers in Cleanboss Mask say:

It is impressive that the technology used in the space programme is the same as the anti-microbial one. @Ian


I really feel more protected by THIS mask as a hairdresser.@Jamie

Where to Buy?

These products can be ordered directly from your website.

Is It Worth It?

The website is poorly designed and contains no metadata elements which could contribute to its online presence. In consequence, it loses credibility and demonstrates that its quality is momentarily doubtful.

It seems that the positive and negative feedback of is received in the past. This means you have to be extremely careful if you decide to get involved.

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