1212 Gateway Skincare Review

By | 03/10/2021
1212 Gateway Skincare Reviews

1212 GATEWAY LETS TALK. This line of care for your skin is vegan and cruel, with biological and natural components only.

Let’s start with prices and packaging first. This line of skin care is very affordable and ranges from $20 to $40 per product in full size. You may also buy a package containing a smaller size of $96 for all products.

I love the colors and the look of the products now. The package is awesome. They feel a bit heavy and well when you hold it, they don’t look or feel cheap at all. In addition, beauty oil and cleaner have a pump that I prefer.


1212 Gateway Skincare Review

Let’s talk about each individual product now.


The size of this full size product is 3.04 fl oz, which is a large size product. All you need is a pump and a half, and it’s going a very long way. This cleanser is a gel cleanser that makes your face feel clean and refreshed. I didn’t really find that there was a strong smell, but it smells fresh.


This product also contains a pump and the height is 3.04 fl oz, equal to the cleanser. I use 1 pump for my face only, which is amazing for beauty oil and doesn’t feel greasy at all. This product doesn’t only make your facial glow but can also be applied in the summer if you want a little glow to your body.


This lip bazaar is a large lip balsam that I possess probably one of the largest. In winter it is particularly hydrating when my lips appear to be most tangled. I noticed a difference in my lips, and with that product I love it I am very impressed.


This eye cream is a super thick cream that gives you the impression that the eye cream does something for those in your eyebags and puffiness. You just need to use a bit, which means you’re going to have a long jar. I think it’s 0.6 oz in size, but I think it’s a big size.
In this skin care line there is also a hydrator that I didn’t buy because it was sold out, but I can’t wait for it to be proven.

These products function best.

Example of customer reviews

My current preferred 1212gateway lip balm! It contains extracts from both cocoa and rose, leaving the lips very glassy and hydrated. The most beautiful shine leaves! @luluuglow


These products have greatly enhanced my skin imperfections. Since I have kids and ever found the right products to control my skin, I have always had breakouts, dryness, frightening. Healthy food and a lot of water have helped me to drink, but I needed more. Since my skin glows like never before with these products, my fright has disappeared and I have fewer breakups. I have got trust in my bare skin, and know that my face was always an insecurity of mine for people who know me. @morena96__

1212 Gateway Skincare Review