TS Life Supanova Liquid Fat Burner Reviews

By | 03/18/2021
TS Life Supanova Liquid Fat Burner Reviews

Supanova Liquid Fat Burner is a drink that combines fluid fat burning with lots of vitamins and minerals. You’re only shot one day. It tastes like blackcurrant. It is a berry flavor.

It burns fat, gives you a lot of energy, suppresses your appetite, speeds your metabolism and also controls your blood sugar and is also very good for hair and nails.

It also has vitamin c so it is good for your immune system and detoxification.

About TS Life

TS Life Supanova is a company which works for MLM niches for personal care, food supplement and weight loss. Found online at ts-life.com.

In September 2018, TS-Life was launched. TS-Life claims to “work in six global markets in Europe and the United States” on its website.

TS Life Supanova Liquid Fat Burner Reviews

Supanova is the flagship addition of TS-Life. The formula of Supanova makes this an amazing addition to any everyday body program.


Water, Glycerin, Cassis, Concentrated blackcurrant juice, Hibiscus extract (flower), Ash extract (leaf),Guarana extract (seed), Green tea extract (leaf),Quackgrass extract (root), Dandelion extract (leaf), Kola extract (seed), Ginseng extract (root), Fennel extract (seed), Citric acid, Potassium sorbate (preservative), Sodium benzoate (preservative).


In the morning, take 30ml or use as a tip. Do not exceed the daily dose recommended. Drink a minimum of 1,5-2 liters of water to make the product flow across the system and achieve maximum benefit.

ts life supanova weight loss

Online Customer Reviews

You can find testimonials from satisfied TS Life customers on their Instagram, facebook page, and amazon.

Customers claim that, “Good product for aiding weight loss .Quick delivery as well . Thank u so much will order again” and that “Feel it working its my second week and I dont feel as bloated and not eating as much feel a bit thinner as well it worth a try.”

On Amazon, a customer complain that, “I didn’t think the instructions were very informative on the package, it said three shots and didn’t clarify how many milliletres a shot was.”

Customer Service

If you need to get in touch with the customer service team, you can call the phone number listed on their website: +353 1 437 0909, +1-888-425-7773 or e-mail corporate@ts-life.com.

Where to Buy?

You can order a pair of these shoes from their website or Amazon. Are Zeba shoes sold in stores? The company currently has one retail location in Las Vegas and their products are also sold at Tip Top Shoes in New York City.

Final Opinion/Verdict

If your interests are only so you know what you and your potential customers should expect, I suggest you to test your products first.

The brand did not provide essential ingredients online and therefore it is preferable to check this before registration.

It’s not a scam Ts-Life. The health and well-being of MLM is legitimate. You can try TS-Life and see how it works if you want to lose your weight and get healthy.

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