Lavitem Review

By | 03/11/2021
lavitem review

This time, my personal experience in using LAVITEM Rice Brightening Pad Daily Toning Care would like me to share with you.

You may wish to get moisturized and refreshing skin products if you want to make your skin clear and transparent, or if you want cosmetics to be used each day without stimulation.

I’d be pleased to suggest that you try this Daily Toning Care LAVITEM Rice Brightening Pad.

Lavitem Review

LAVITEM Rice Brightening Pad Daily Toning Care includes 50% rice bran water that feeds a skin that’s dull and radiant. This refreshing toner pad is not adhesive and does not leave the skin greasy or tight.

It can be used every day, usually twice a day, preferably morning and evening, on my own skin (and neck, of course). It actually renews my skin and makes it like porcelain.

What do I believe (and feel) about this daily sound care for LAVITEM Rice Brightening Pad? It helps moisturize my skin after I finish using the initial jar and enhances my skin tone. One jar has about 70 pads, so you can use it for up to 34 days, twice a day.

How can Lavitem be used:

  • Use the prune side of the pad after washing to massage your face gently in a circular movement across your face except your eyes and body.
  • Wash again to clear and improve the texture of your skin using the smooth side of the pad.
  • Put the rest of the toner on your skin carefully to absorb.

Lavitem Reviews

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