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Razor Sponge Reviews

The removal of hair is pain (often both literally and figuratively). The shaving is tedious, it’s costly and painful to wax with a bad idea if you also use a retinoid. Although razors are often quick and cheap, they can only remove surface hair efficiently. Thus, stubble after shave might appear quicker than we wish. Fortunately, there are… Read More »

Criterion Washer Reviews

The clothes are loaded from the top as the tub sits vertically on the machine. There is a single tube to wash and dry, there is no need to move clothing between the bathrooms. The machine controls the time to use or stop water to maintain the required water level. Top wash machine attached to a water inlet… Read More »

Cleanboss Mask Reviews

CleanBoss is a soft surface sanitizer, cleaner, odor-eliminating, and even removes common allergens. The creators of Cleanboss Mask have made it their mission to develop the perfect solution – Multi-Surface Disinfectant & Cleaner. The company claims that its CleanBoss Multi-Surface Desinfectant & Cleaner comes botanically from the main herbal oil in the Thyme plant. Thyme has been used… Read More »

Psychedelic Water Review

WATER PSYCHEDELY is IS AN HERBAL SUPPLEMENT. Psychedelic Water is not a hallucinogenic water and will not make you travel like psilocybin or LSD. Our herbs offer a gentle, calming feeling that just makes you feel good without any inhibition of the mind. Like other psychoactive substances in nature, kava is a plant whose roots were used to… Read More »

Cali Capelli Flat Iron Reviews

Not every flat iron is the same: Some will burn the hair, and some will make it frightening and damaged, while others will always straighten curly, thick or wavy hair. Cali Capelli Flat Iron Reviews The creators of Cali Capelli Flat Iron have made it their mission to offer high-quality pro-grade hair tools and products for less. These… Read More »

Food Bunker Bags Review

It is so versatile to Food Bunker that you will always be surprised how many times you use it! Prep, cooking, lunch, snacks, trips, storage food, crafting – just to name a few. These new containers will change your storage, cooking and eating process virtually indestructible and endlessly reusable. Plastic waste is not only made of disposable plastic… Read More »

Hurricane X2 Exercise Bike Review

A high-duty super smooth and stable workout bike, the Hurrican X2. The treadmills weigh 12 kg The heavy float rotation provides a much higher output than a lighter wheel. It also strengthens your training and contributes to greater cycling stability. The sports pedals are comfortable and enable your feet to slide in easily and with the straps you… Read More »

Lavitem Review

This time, my personal experience in using LAVITEM Rice Brightening Pad Daily Toning Care would like me to share with you. You may wish to get moisturized and refreshing skin products if you want to make your skin clear and transparent, or if you want cosmetics to be used each day without stimulation. I’d be pleased to suggest… Read More »